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A distant memory of love.

It seems so far out of reach when he could blindly give his love and devotion to the one that was worthy. How he wish he still could live in those moments, but where did it all shatter? When? His memories seemingly clear, yet vague. He clearly remembers the moment when his world shattered, but when did it happen? This was one of many details plaguing his mind.

He can still want to love, still able to give his unique brand of gentle, cute and selfless kindness to all. But a rogue thought keeps him recoiling at the smallest, faintest of hints of love. Unable to distinguish between friendly or true love, this fear terrifies him. He knows the reason for this developed fear - he wishes to never be hurt again. For it was the one who he trusted the most, the one he finally believed in, had faith in, someone truly special. At the time, she was his Goddess, now she represents something else. A reminder, a symbol, the horror.

Before and since then, friends and family alike doted on him as usual. Wishing for nothing but blessings for him, and grateful for his selflessness and kindness. Their attempts to help him find love since, always brought out his fear. His warm yet strangely fluffy aura would suddenly become this cold darkness which shone brightly, bearing his kind smile though feigned; as if trying to hide his fear. Rarely was it questioned by a friend, and it was answered honestly, and painfully - complete with his gentle smile, followed by a dark, unreadable expression. When questioned by family, he remained tight-lipped, and never breathed a word, let alone a sound of what it may be.

Now here he sits; cradling himself, facing his reflection as hot water poured down from above. His vision dark and cracked, registering his environs, yet was elsewhere entirely. His eyes open wide yet eerily empty, absent of his warmth, of life. To his horror, or was it relief; his wide smile could not be more twisted... or honest.

A loud laugh echoed off the tiles, it's sound filled with glee and honesty escaping into the night, haunting all who heard it.
Cursed are the Kind
Not sure how I could've done this one without writing literally chapters about the cause, effects and results of this character. Kinda rushed the end because I didn't know how to convey one broken by self torment. Maybe I'll revisit this in the future and give that aspect more clarity.

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Darkness - This was the world that she would see when alone.
Fear - Developed unconsciously and controlling her.
Fire - Her wish, her hope.

How long has it been since she could see the world, beyond her small prison. She did not know, years at least. Her bare body trembled in the cold, lonely room, only to remind her of the pain she had endured. A blindfold over her eyes ensured she could not perceive through the darkness of her room. Her wrists bruised with her weight pulling down on her bindings, digging into her flesh some more, and the chains... how could she forget the chains. The clinking sound she had grown to hate, to fear, sounded with each small movement she made. To her it was warped, off-key eerie sound, something befitting a movie of horror, or insanity. An involuntary fearful gasp escaped her lips, something which made her body tremble with more tempo.

Heavy sounds echoed beyond the door of her room, getting closer. Her mind raced, praying that she would be left alone, that He would never again come near her, never again touch her. Her body shook without consent as the heavy footsteps stopped, and the sound of the door creaking open, set her to panic. Try as she might, her bindings were secure, her body still sore and her wrists starting to feel... wet.

"Tsk. I thought I told you that there is no escape my lovely." His voice stern and filled with disappointment. His voice made her skin crawl, she had to get away, away from him but her arms couldn't move, her legs not much more either. His footsteps stopped right in front of her, and she felt his hand under her chin. She moved her head to get away fro him, but he was fast and firmly held her head, his breath seeming smelled of alcohol, as always. "Remember, you are MY little angel. Mine! And mine alone."

She tried once more to shake his hand away, and even snapped a bite to where she thought it was. Sharp pain, and a loud cracking sound were what she experienced next. "How dare you!" His voice now filled with anger. "Looks like you still haven't learned your lesson." All she could do was scream in pain as her cheeks, then the rest of her body received this cruel punishment. Without warning his attention started drifting lower, resting a moment to punish her already abused breasts. The pain was unbearable, but she knew. Nobody would come to help her. Nobody would hear her screams, her cries.

After a small reprieve, his hands slowly slid to her sides, then a sensation on her back which made her whimper in fear. One last feeble attempt to try and dissuade him from what would shortly follow. "I think you need something more... solid... to teach you." She made one last, quiet whimper before a sudden pain was forced inside her.

The door closed shut and the sound of the locks being secured didn't register with her. She hung there, helpless, more bruised than she knew one person could be. She still trembled with the newfound experience, her body was more bruised and wet than before. The last thing she remembered before passing out was a quiet plea and her tears.

"Dad... no..."
Condemn Innocence to Sin
Note: This is fiction

Wasn't sure about the title and pretty sure this piece didn't turn out the way I have it imagined, but put pen to paper.
I do have the feeling that this kind of narrative is going to set off a LOT of landmines, so please, temper yourself.

A character I've been developing in my head for a while now uses the themes presented in this narrative, but I've never been able to hammer out details. Hopefully this will give me some direction on where to take him in the future.

[21] I've missed writing...

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 17, 2015, 4:08 AM
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Just posted Namiko - Anguish, I've really missed writing. Haven't written anything since 2007, which is oddly the same time I started to lose my ability to put feelings into words.

Namiko - Anguish may be bad and not really poetry, couldn't find a simple literature -> narrative category, but nonetheless it really felt good to write after all these years. Maybe I'll finally be able to give my "Chrono Flow" solid substance and a proper title for a change...


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